The Father of the Eroswamp

In those blasted villages and hamlets scattered around the mystic waters in the depths of the Realm of Beasts known as the Eroswamp, there is a common fairytale told to the children of the free people’s.

‘Beware sweet babe of the marsh at night,

For he arrives with a mournful cry,

the eyes of your father and a smile of fangs:

A stranger crawls and feeds on the land.

Once Duardin so noble and proud,

The death of his child sparked a voice so loud.

“Voyage down to the waters of birth,

And bathe your babe in the heart of the earth.

For life anew lies within

For those robbed of the fairest of kin.”

The captain readied his vessel of aether

Iron and wood, yet floats as a feather

A crew of friends, family and debtors

To wash what he lost in the marsh of forever.

But horror lay in that enchanted murk

And our Kharadron mourners met a fate so dark.

For the child thought dead was never so,

Her cursed sleep lifted as she was pulled below.

Her eyes reopened before she was gone,

And our captain dove deep to rescue his sweet one.

Hours passed yet his crew still steadfast.

Yet what re-emerged was not what had left.

No word came back about the voyage below,

No ship, no crew, but a story of harrow.

A beast with a beard wails as he roams,

Haunting the night, taking children from homes.

He looks for something he was promised but lost.

With hunger so violent, loose skin and new moss.

So beware sweet babe of the marsh at night,

For he arrives with a sorrowful cry.


Presenting – The Father of the Eroswamp!

The first of a series of Kharadon Overlords who have been mutated and twisted by the dark magics of the Eroswamp, a mystical marsh in the depths of the Realm of Beasts.

Some early WIP shots…

Hope you enjoy!

More fluff coming soon…

– Moon


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